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Due to its excellent performance, FRP has become a new type of structural material in construction engineering. As the mechanical properties, durability and combined connection technology of pultruded FRP composites have been further improved, its credibility has been enhanced, now it has been extended to the use of structural materials from interior and exterior decoration materials and civil materials. The main applications of FRP composite materials in construction engineering industry include greenhouses, fences, window frames, greenhouse frames, roof decoration materials, bridge components, sun-shading and rain-proof ceilings for gas station, stair handrails, tunnel ventilation windows, house compartments wall panels, sidewalk bridges, concrete formwork, scaffold, sound insulation walls, avalanche prevention sheds, etc.


The advantages of FRP Composites in the field of construction engineering:

· Light weight

· High strength

· Strong load-bearing capacity

· Good durability

· Good corrosion resistance


Case studies:

Dome project of Universal Studios Beijing Hotel

Universal Studios Beijing Hotel is the world's first hotel named after the Universal brand. It is an important part of Beijing Universal Resort and a landmark building in Tongzhou District of Beijing. Our company has provided a composite material solution with good wave penetration performance for the dome project of Universal Studios Beijing Hotel.


As the surrounding military radars need to limit the height of the project, the conventional reinforced concrete structure cannot meet the requirements of radar wave transmission. The project is a breakthrough in adopting the full FRP dome structure, and adopts the FRP rebar, FRP profile, FRP bolt and other products independently developed and manufactured by our company on a large scale. The dome structure has no electromagnetic interference, meets the requirements of air defense radar wave transmission, and achieves the unlimited height design of the Universal Hotel.




Wuzhen Muxin Art Museum- Application of GRP Rockbolt

Muxin art museum is located in Wuzhen which is Muxin's hometown. It was designed and supervised by I.M. Pei's disciples, Hiroshi Okamoto and Lin Bing from New York’s OLI firm. The whole building faces south and adopts a slender, highly modern minimalist style. It has become a quiet and elegant scenery in the west gate of Wuzhen. The facade of the art museum adopts the one-time forming technology of fair-faced concrete, and the minimalist style produces unique aesthetic feeling.



The Muxin art museum was completed in November 2015, and the concrete wall texture is still intact and has more texture. The FRP rockbolt produced by our company is applied to the formwork fastening system when the concrete structure of the building is made.



The performance advantages of FRP rockbolt:

· Advanced finish

· Corrosion resistance

· Cost saving

· Longer service life

· Good insulation


Project cases:Foundation pit engineering-Luyuan Phase II Project of Army Command College (Anti-floating anchor rod)

Project Overview

The design length of the floating anchor is 12.3m, the number is 1202, and the total design length is 14784.6m.

The amount of steel bars is 71.513 tons, and the direct cost of replacing the equivalent amount of GFRP anchor rods is 300,35 yuan.

Using the same amount of GFRP bolts to replace steel can save 16% of direct costs and 21% of overall costs.




Project cases:Nanjing China Merchants Real Estate Zijin No. 1 Foundation Pit Project

Project Overview

The proposed project is located at the intersection of Zhongshanmen Street and Maqun New Street. The construction scale is a 2-8 storey commercial street, a frame structure, three basements, and a foundation pit floor depth of about 13.50m

The excavation area of the foundation pit is about 17,000 square meters, the circumference of the foundation pit is about 520m, the excavation depth is 13.5m, and the safety level of the sidewall of the foundation pit is Class 1.

Foundation pit support plan

The ABC section on the east side of the foundation pit adopts rotary piles and two steel pipe supports as the supporting structure. The remaining sections are supported by secondary sloping soil nail walls, with GFRP reinforced soil nails 12m long and 1m apart.

The pit adopts open ditch + sump method for drainage.



Project cases:Foundation Pit Project of Jiangsu Drug Administration

Project Overview:

The total land area of the Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration and Supervision Bureau project is 13475m2, with 9 floors in total and 2 floors in part.

The frame shear wall structure is adopted, and a full-story basement is set up.

The area of the foundation pit is about 8350m2, the circumference is about 390m, and the excavation depth is about 6.05~6.95m.

The safety level of the foundation pit is two, and the importance coefficient is 1.0

Foundation pit support plan:

The foundation pit adopts φ800@1000 bored piles and a layer of concrete support, and the outer side adopts φ700@500 biaxial cement-soil mixing piles as a water-stop curtain.



Project Overview:Phoenix City Wall




Project cases:Maqun soil nails project




Project cases:Vanke Golden Home (Wuxi) Project (uplift pile)

Anti-uplift piles are widely used in large-scale basement anti-floating, high-rise building (structure) anti-uplift, offshore terminal platform anti-uplift, anchor pile foundation of suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges, pile foundations of large dock bottom plates and static load test piles Anchor pile foundation, etc.

Golden homes pull-out piles were originally designed to be 15 meters high and 600mm in diameter, 20mm in diameter of the main reinforcement of the steel cage, the quantity is 16, the stirrup is 8mm, and the reinforcement and positioning bars are 14mm. Using GFRP material to replace the same amount, the direct cost is about RMB 3135.2.

Using strong substitution such as GFRP material (12 main bars), the direct cost is about RMB 3063.9.

In summary, replacing steel bars with the same amount of GFRP material can reduce direct costs by about 12%. The overall cost can be saved by 17%. The same quantity to replace can reduce direct costs by about 14%, and comprehensive costs can be saved by 21%



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