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Overall Engineering Picture of Shanghai Yangshan Port Automated Wharf


FRP materials have been widely used in structural reinforcement and engineering reconstruction at home and abroad in recent years because of its light weight, high tensile strength, strong corrosion resistance, good durability, non-magnetic and other advantages. And with the deepening of research work and the continuous improvement of calculation analysis method, the application of FRP in engineering structure will be more extensive.


Project Cases

Our company participated in the construction of Yangshan port automation wharf. Compared with the traditional container wharf, Yangshan phase IV automated wharf realized the innovation of loading and unloading technology, which also brings new issues to civil construction. The wharf needs a lot of magnetic nails to locate the automated trolleys. If the conventional reinforced concrete structure is used, there will be interference. CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Bureau used the glass fiber rebars to replace the steel bars, basically without interference. Our company has provided composite reinforcement, dowel bar, composite platform and other products for the project, which fully met the design requirements.


·The composite reinforcement is applied to the heavy-duty concrete pavement in the port area, which is corrosion-resistant and has no electromagnetic interference, and is convenient for automatic signal transmission





·The dowel bar is also widely used in the project to effectively avoid the impact of steel corrosion on the project life.

·Fiber reinforced composite dowel bar is composed of high-performance resin and high-strength fiber through pultrusion process, which can replace the original steel dowel bar.





·The platform walkway board is made of composite molding grid plate (specification 38 * 38 * 38). The design load of the grid plate is 4kN/㎡. The grid plate, the cross beam and the longitudinal beam are fixed with stainless steel clamps, which have high bearing capacity, safety and light weight.



·The guardrails and handrails of the platform are made of composite chrome yellow pipe (specification: Φ 50mm * 5mm) with a height of 1.1m, and the longitudinal spacing is not more than 1.1m according to the design requirements. The railing installation and connectors include composite material tee, cross, elbow and base.


Dongtai Phase I Project

Project Overview:

Address:Dongtai City, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province

Time:June 2012

Developer:Jiangsu Coastal Development Group Co., Ltd.

Construction unit:CCCC Shanghai waterway bureau




In marine engineering, reinforced concrete structures often cause corrosion of steel bars due to the intrusion of chloride ions, the corrosion of steel bars in reinforced concrete structures is also quite serious in China. However, in recent years, GFRP tendons have attracted widespread attention from scientific researchers due to their good performance, which considered to be the most effective material to replace steel bars in marine engineering.

There is a serious shortage of sand and stone materials in the coastal areas of Jiangsu, and it is difficult to guarantee the supply of building materials required for large-scale reclamation projects. The outsourcing of river sand, stones and stones requires high transportation costs and difficult lifting. Scientific research is urgently needed. Our company uses local resources

, Research and develop high-durability marine materials to ensure the smooth implementation of coastal development projects.

Mexican Caribbean Sea Undersea Sculpture



Singapore Jurong Island Project

Application of FRP rock bolt in subsea oil depot foundation construction.


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